Things Pet Owners Should Know about Dog Boarding

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Are you afraid to leave your dog alone in your home while you’re away? There’s a trend these days for pet daycare. If you live in New Jersey and want your dog to have company while you’re away, dog boarding in NJ can be the answer. As a dog owner, you can find a business to entrust your dogs to for the day, for the night, or for several days. You can always find luxury NJ dog boarding with K9 Resorts!


Facts About Boarding in New Jersey


Dog boarding in NJ should have professionals who know the needs of dogs. They should be trained in observing your dog’s health and know safety measures, such as first aid and CPR for animals. Did you know that millions of owners take their dogs to boarding facilities every year?


You don’t want your dog to be bored. When you leave your dog at a pet daycare there should be plenty of activities to keep your dog engaged and plenty of room for exercise and play with other dogs. There should be a lot of fun activities for your dog. The day care may offer classes for training, spa services, and other services, as well. There should also be a good number of dogs to care takers so every dog is well supervised and gets enough attention.


Choose Your Dog Boarding Carefully


When searching for a dog boarding facility, make sure to check out their licensing and requirements for hiring animal care takers. Ask if they have a veterinarian on call in case of emergencies. Read the online reviews from people who have used the services of the dog boarding facilities in your area.

Services a Dog Boarding Company Should Provide

Before you enroll your pup in pet care, you might want to consider the different types of services that are being offered to determine which is right for your dog. Here are a few of the services that a pet care provider should provide.

  1. A fun and social environment for your dog. Dogs are highly social creatures—that’s why we love them so much. One of the most important services in pet care is providing dogs with access to other dogs. Playing with other dogs keeps your dog’s brain healthy and promotes physical fitness too.
  2. Healthy food. Pet care includes a full array of options for your dog’s diet to make sure that your dog is eating the right amount of food throughout the day.
  3. Caring staff. If your dog is prone to separation anxiety when you leave, you won’t have to worry because pet care staff will offer attentiveness and affection to your pup.
  4. Grooming. One of the main reasons why people use pet care services is to keep their dogs looking and smelling their best. Trims, styles, and ear, nail and teeth care are some of the pampering services offered to dogs. Of course, pet care services may also include full luxurious bathing.
  5. Multiple opportunities to go outside. Dogs need fresh air and they also need to relieve themselves throughout the day. Pet care services include access to the outdoors for when your dog needs either poop time or play time.
  6. Peace of mind. Pet care means peace of mind. You love your dog, which is why you are spending the time to research options for pet care, either during the day while you are at work or while you are out of town. If your dog barks or damages your home when you

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