What You Need to Know before Placing Your Pet in Doggy Day Care

We get it – you wish you could always be with your pet in person. They’re a treasured member of the family. Sadly, that’s not always possible. However, you don’t have to leave them locked in their kennel all day while you’re away at the office. A doggy day care provider in Pennsylvania can ensure that your dog has luxury accommodations, professional care, and the socialization needed so they remain happy and healthy. What do you consider when comparing day care providers, though?

Exercise and Physical Activity

One of the most important considerations when comparing day care providers is to make sure that you check into the type of physical activity provided by each company, and the amount of exercise your dog will get with that provider. This is a crucial consideration, as some dog breeds require extensive exercise simply to maintain good health, while other dogs may need physical activity for mental health and stimulation. Other breeds need less in the way of physical exertion, and elderly dogs need special care.

How Much Interaction and Socialization?

Another consideration when comparing doggy day care options is the amount of interaction and socialization your dog will get during their stay. Note that your dog should be socialized with both human beings and other dogs. This allows them to get comfortable with other people as well as other animals, and to build and maintain good social skills, as well.

Bathroom Trips

It’s a fact of life – your dog is going to need to relieve him or herself several times during their stay at a day care facility. Where is this accomplished? Are they forced to relieve themselves indoors in a cold, sterile environment? It’s better if the facility offers outdoor areas for your pet to use the bathroom. This is their natural tendency, and it provides them with the means to sniff around and find the perfect spot. That not only ensures they’re happy and healthy, but it can reduce stress and anxiety, too.

Ultimately, the right doggy day care facility in Pennsylvania will provide your dog with a happy, healthy, luxurious environment, and will offer you the peace of mind you need in knowing that your beloved pet is being professionally cared for by trained experts. At K9 Resorts, we offer luxury day care facilities, significant socialization, and plenty of outdoor playtime – we invite you to learn more about our services.

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