Fairfield NJ Resort Services

Food from Home (bagged) $2.00 Per ServingPlease prepare each meal in separate Ziploc bag, labeled with your last name, for the entire length of the boarding stay.
Food from Home (unbagged) $2.95 Per ServingPlease bag each meal individually to receive the discounted rate.
Medication (bagged) $2.00 Per Administration (No Injections)We are happy to administer medication to your dog! Please provide us with the exact amount of medication necessary for your dog’s stay. Medication must be prepared in a separate Ziploc bag, for each dosage, labeled with your last name, day to be administered, and AM or PM dosage.
Medication (unbagged) $2.95 Per Administration (No Injections)Please bag your pet’s medication to receive the discounted rate.
Personal Playtime $8.00 Per 15 Minute SessionSchedule a private playtime for your dog with a member of our caring, professional staff. Your dog will enjoy 15 minutes of personal one-on-one attention. Activities include ball throwing, tug-of-war, or tender love and care – whatever your dog’s individual preference happens to be. We believe in catering to each dog!
Outdoor Walks $8.00 Per WalkSchedule additional outdoor walk(s) for extra elimination and exercise time.
Evian Spring Water $4.00 Per Large Bottle
Frosty Paws Doggie Ice Cream $4.00 Per Serving
Gourmet Treats $4.00 Per Serving

Prices and policies are subject to change without notice