Questions to Ask Doggie Daycare Facility

The number of doggie daycare services in Pennsylvania is skyrocketing, giving dog owners an unprecedented range of options that offer unique services at competitive prices. Doggie daycare services in Pennsylvania do differ in terms of their facilities, quality of the staff, and prices. It pays to prepare a set of questions for the doggie daycare facility before dropping off your dog.

Is there a special rate for two or more dogs? This is one of the most common questions asked by dog owners with multiple pets. Unlike boarding services, doggie daycare rates are generally on a per-dog basis, but it pays to ask. Usually, the luxury doggie daycare services like K9 Resorts do have reasonable pricing options and you can save money by asking about booklet rates.

What if the other dogs cause trouble? Another question some dog owners have is what protection is offered against other dogs in the daycare who might become aggressive. Find out if the human staff will be supervising the group play, and also what their training and background is. A luxury doggie daycare facility like K9 Resorts will have specific training guidelines for staff to prevent problems from occurring and keep dog conflicts at bay.

How much exercise and food does my dog get? Some dog owners want their dog to follow specific dietary regimes, but not all doggie daycare service providers are willing to comply. Although it can be inconvenient for staff members to feed dogs special diets, or administer medications, ask the doggie daycare before registering your dog. Disclose any medical conditions the dog has, and find out if the staff is prepared to address special needs including diet or mobility issues.

Doggie daycare is popular in Pennsylvania. Even psychologically healthy dogs prefer not to be alone for long hours during the day. Any dog owner in Pennsylvania who can afford it should consider doggie daycare to enhance the dog’s social and psychological development.

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