Bluffton Dog Boarding FAQs

Welcome to K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Bluffton! We're delighted to offer top-notch boarding options for your beloved pets. Here are some frequently asked questions about our luxury dog boarding services:

What Are the Boarding Options at K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Bluffton?

At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Bluffton, we provide a range of boarding options tailored to your pet's needs, ensuring their comfort and happiness during their stay. 


Our dog boarding services include:

  • Standard Compartments
  • Luxury Suites
  • Executive Rooms


Each option offers various levels of amenities and comfort, giving you the freedom to select the perfect accommodation for your furry friend.

How Much Does Boarding Cost?

The cost of boarding at K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Bluffton depends on your pet's size and the type of accommodation you choose. For specific pricing details, call us at (843) 380-6962 or contact us online today!

Can I Bring My Pet's Own Food and Belongings?

Yes, we strongly encourage pet owners to bring their pet's own food, treats, and toys. This helps maintain their familiar routine and provides comfort during their stay. However, please ensure that all items are properly labeled with your pet's name for easy identification. *Fabric toys are not allowed. 

What Vaccinations Are Required for Boarding?

To ensure the safety and well-being of all our guests, we require proof of up-to-date vaccinations for rabies, distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough). Please bring your pet's vaccination records during check-in.

What if My Pet Requires Medication During Their Stay?

Worry not! Our experienced staff is well-equipped to administer medication to your pet as needed. Please provide detailed instructions and the necessary medications, properly labeled with your pet's name, during check-in.

How Often Will My Pet Be Exercised?

All our guests receive regular exercise and playtime sessions during their stay. Our dedicated staff ensures that your pet gets the exercise and socialization they need to stay happy and healthy.

How Can I Make a Boarding Reservation?

Making a boarding reservation at K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Bluffton is hassle-free! You can either call our front desk at (843) 380-6962 or contact us online to boom your pups stay!

What Should I Do if My Pet Has Special Needs or Requires Extra Attention?

We are committed to providing personalized care for every guest. If your pet has any special needs or requires extra attention, please inform our staff during the reservation process. We will make sure to cater to their unique requirements.


We are here to provide the best possible care for your beloved pet! Call (843) 380-6962 or contact us online for further assistance today!