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Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Answers about Our Luxury Dog Hotel

Thank you for your interest in K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel. At K9 Resorts, we understand that your dog is a member of your family and we work very hard to provide the love and care they deserve during their stay with us. We truly appreciate the trust that our customers place in us – you should feel confident knowing your trust is something we do not take lightly. Our staff is obsessed with delivering flawless customer service and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

The Benefits of Quality Pet Care Services at K9 Resorts

Please understand that leaving your dog at a pet care facility is not unlike taking a child to daycare, school, or camp. There are exposures associated whenever there are multiple dogs under one roof. However, parents agree that the benefits of education and socialization outweigh the possibility of the common cold and other associated risks at schools. The same holds true for dogs at a pet care facility. Many pet parents agree that benefits such as socialization, exercise, bathroom break opportunities, and the opportunity to be cared for by trained and certified professionals outweigh the minimal and unlikely risks associated with a pet care facility.


Please do not hesitate to contact your local K9 Resorts – our professional staff will be happy to discuss this with you. Through our operational policies and commitment to sanitation and hygiene, our certified, professionally trained staff takes every precaution possible to minimize the risk potential, but please note they are impossible to eliminate entirely.


Schedule a dog hotel tour online or by calling (908) 889-7387 and see why we’re one of the highest ranking pet care facilities in the country.

Answers to Our Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to draw attention below to some situations, although uncommon, that can occur at any pet care facility. Please remember that at K9 Resorts these are unlikely exceptions rather than the norm. The chances are better than 99% that your dog will come home tired but happy, clean and healthy.

Minor Cuts/Abrasions

While in Group Play (Dog & Puppy Daycare) most dogs love to play vigorously and wrestle around with each other all day. This interaction is very good for socialization and a great way for your dog to burn energy. During this play, it is NOT uncommon for some dogs to leave with minor cuts or scrapes. They love this type of play and we have trained supervisors monitoring every group at all times. You can rest easy knowing we absolutely do not allow aggressive dogs at K9 Resorts, but dogs do have teeth and nails and use them when engaging one another – at times, this can result in cuts or abrasions. While our team is very attentive to your dog’s behavior and interactions, it is possible for minor cuts or abrasions to go unnoticed. Although very rare, occasionally some rough play may result in more moderate injuries.


Again, we do have certified staff monitoring the dogs at all times. However, no amount of supervision or personalized care from K9 Resorts can completely guarantee the prevention of injuries.

Canine Cough

Canine Cough, or Kennel Cough, is similar to a mild common cold or cough in humans. It is usually NOT a serious condition. In fact, most dogs will recover without needing any treatment. Unfortunately, every facility that cares for pets, such as dog hotels, doggie daycares, grooming salons, dog training centers, and even veterinary hospitals will experience an outbreak of Canine Cough from time to time. Due to the fact that it is an air-borne virus, it is unavoidable in pet care centers the same way the common cold is unavoidable in child care centers.


K9 Resorts has state-of-the-art ventilation systems throughout our facility with UV lighting built in, which kills most of the bacteria in the air. We also use hospital-grade disinfectants to clean all surfaces at our luxury dog hotel. Unfortunately, even with these precautions in place and our strict policy requiring each dog to be vaccinated with the Bordetella vaccine prior to coming to our facility, it is still possible for a dog to catch Canine Cough due to all the different strains that exist. Please be advised that the Bordetella vaccine does not prevent against all strains of Canine Cough. Although these vaccines may help, they do not guarantee protection against Canine Cough or infectious Tracheobronchitis because they can be caused by so many different types of bacteria and viruses.


Again, Canine Cough is similar to a mild common cough in humans and most of the time, it is NOT a serious condition. Most dogs will recover without any treatment needed. However, puppies and older dogs may require a visit to your veterinarian.


We do not have fleas or ticks at K9 Resorts but this does not mean they could never show up on the property. Your dog must always come to our pet care facility free of fleas and ticks. They also must be on flea and tick prevention medication.


Life at K9 Resorts can be very exciting – some dogs charge around and have a wonderful time. These dogs are exhausted after boarding but are happy and may sleep a lot the first couple of days they are home.


When their owners are away from the “pack,” dogs experience a change in their routine and environment. Just like people, dogs react to environmental change differently and some may get overly excited. Such excitement is natural and may cause some dogs to experience mild diarrhea, which is normal and may last a few days.


Boarding life can be very exciting, and some dogs have a wonderful time barking and charging around. This can cause hoarseness just like what you may experience after screaming at a concert or sporting event.

Weight Loss

Remember your dog has been getting long hours of recreation/exercise/play time at K9 Resorts, much more than they would receive at home and therefore losing some weight is also not uncommon.

Nose Rubbing

Some dogs can become curious at all the different sights and smells at a Pet Care Facility. Some dogs may rub their noses at the bottom of the door of their accommodation in an attempt to “smell” what’s going on. If the dog’s nose rubbing is persistent, it may cause a minor cut, scrape or rawness.


To ensure each guest goes home clean & fresh, all guests staying two days or more are bathed before departing. However, if some guests return to Daycare or participate in other play activities after their bath, they may become messy. If your dog does not return home completely clean, please just let us know and we will gladly re-bathe your dog for you at no additional charge.


K9 Resorts, as with most pet care facilities, does NOT pay for veterinary charges associated with any of the foregoing situations. It is beyond our control to absolutely prevent these conditions in a boarding or dog daycare setting.


At K9 Resorts these are unlikely exceptions rather than the norm. The chances are better than 99% that your dog will come home tired but happy, clean and healthy. We are proud to say that K9 Resorts has been in business for over 17 years and we have thousands of satisfied, repeat customers. Thank you for placing your confidence in K9 Resorts!

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