Dog Boarding & Daycare With Outdoor Play Space

A Haven for Your Furry Friends

At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Horsham, we believe in creating the ultimate pet experience with our dog boarding and daycare services in Horsham, PA. Our key attraction? Outdoor yards and play spaces that are designed to give your furry friend a taste of freedom, fun, and fresh air!


Our outdoor yards are more than just open spaces. They're a haven for our guests who love to run, jump, and stretch their legs. The spacious area is equipped with state-of-the-art artificial turf and undergoes regular disinfection to ensure your pet's safety and hygiene.


Whether your dog is staying with us overnight or just for the day, they will have access to both indoor and outdoor play areas. We've designed our space to be large enough for all dogs to feel comfortable, with separate zones for larger and smaller breeds. This way, no guest feels intimidated or out of place.

Give your pet the freedom they deserve! Call (215) 608-1445 or contact us online to schedule a tour of our spacious outdoor yards!

Unleashing Fun All Day Long

We utilize our outdoor play space throughout the day for all our guests. Whether your dog is a social butterfly or prefers solitary activities, we've got them covered. We have dedicated areas for dogs that do not participate in group play, ensuring that every pet's needs are catered to.

The Many Benefits of Our Outdoor Yards

Fresh air does wonders for everyone, including our four-legged companions. Regular outdoor activities can boost your dog's physical health and contribute to their emotional well-being. 

Some of the benefits that our outdoor yards offer include:

  • Increased mental stimulation
  • Reduced separation anxiety
  • Decreased destructive behavior
  • Lowered stress and depression levels
  • Boosted confidence and sociability
  • Improved digestive health

At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Horsham, we prioritize your pet’s health by encouraging outdoor activities, social interactions, and adequate rest time.

Dog Daycare & Boarding with a Touch of Nature

Unlike many pet care facilities that only offer indoor spaces, K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Horsham goes a step further. We've seen the positive impact our outdoor play space has on our guests and are committed to continuing this practice. 

Our outdoor amenities are designed to:

  • Keep your dog engaged and anxiety-free
  • Promote socialization among pets
  • Prioritize cleanliness with antimicrobial agents for a safe environment
  • Provide a comfortable and secure setting for every guest

When you entrust your pet to us, we want you to feel confident that they're receiving the best care possible. They'll return to you well-rested, thoroughly loved, and perhaps a bit reluctant to leave their fun-filled haven!

Discover why pet professionals in Horsham, PA trust and recommend K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Horsham. Schedule a tour with our friendly staff today and let your pet experience the joy of our outdoor yards and play spaces.

Your dog will love it here! Call (215) 608-1445 or contact us online to book a tour of our fun outdoor play yard!