Commonly Asked Questions About Dog Boarding

Did you have questions about our dog boarding services?

Here you’ll find some of our Customer'smost frequently asked dog boarding questions! If you still can’t find the answer to your question give us a call to learn more.

  • Q:What is dog boarding?

    A:Dog boarding is housing your dog at a facility outside of your home while you are away from your home for any period of time. K9 Resorts specializes in cage free luxury boarding for your dog, to ensure they are pampered while in our care.

  • Q:What is the difference between luxury boarding and traditional boarding?

    A:Traditionally, boarding for pets included concrete flooring, wire or metal cages or runs and free access inside and outside, with little close interaction with staff. K9 Resorts wanted to change the stigma of the harsh “kennel” environment, and provide pets and their owners peace of mind knowing their furry family members were just as comfortable while in our care as they would be at home. Luxury Suites and Executive Rooms are our luxury cage-free options for overnight stays. These are 8x8 and 5x7 sized accommodations that allow for plenty of space for all sized dogs to board comfortably. Each accommodation is equipped with a Kuranda dog bed, water and food bowls and all activity included in the price. K9 Resorts also offers comfortable compartment options for dogs that are more comfortable in a smaller space, or puppies who are used to being crate trained at home. These are all top of the line, luxury boarding options available at all K9 Resorts hotels.

  • Q:Is there someone here overnight with the dogs?

    A:Our staff is here from about 6:30 AM to about 7:30 PM but we are protected by a central security alarm and a fire system at night. To maintain a stress free environment and promote a restful night, we do not have staff exploring the facility overnight. Most dogs are asleep before we lock up and we wake them upon arrival in the morning.

  • Q:My dog doesn’t do well with other dogs, can you still board him/her?

    A:Absolutely. As long as he/she is 100% people friendly, we can still board him/her.

  • Q:Can someone come visit my dog while we’re away?

    A:Our professional opinion is that if a dog is visited by someone they know, they tend to think they are going home and must start the adjustment process all over again.This adjustment period is different for each dog, and our staff will provide an environment that will accommodate your dog's specific adjustment needs.

  • Q:Would my dog have a problem switching over to your food?

    A:The majority of our clients use our food when their dog stays with us. It is a sensitive stomach diet as well as anti-vomit and anti-diarrhea. This is the same food that would be recommended to you if your dog were to present with those symptoms. Our house diet is also easily adjustable based on your dog's weight and energy level, whereas if you were to bring food packaged per day as recommended by our standards, it would leave us little room to adjust to their needs if they were expelling more energy than expected. If your dog is a picky eater, we recommend you utilize our house diet, and invite you to provide us with some of your own food in case we ran into any issues with your dogs eating habits during their stay. We will give you an update upon checkout based on our honest observations on how the dog fared on our food vs. what their diet should be in the future.

  • Q:Can I bring my dog’s bed?

    A:As per our brand standards, we do not allow anything with fabric into the facility. Both of our cage-free rooms come with a premium Kuranda bed, and our compartments are equipped with a comfort mat for your dog. An upgraded bed is available to add on to your reservation.

  • Q:Can I bring toys?

    A:Absolutely. Anything rubber or plastic we can accept. We strongly recommend against bringing rawhide toys, or anything that can be easily broken into small pieces, or might become a choking hazard.

  • Q:Can a friend drop off/pick up my dog?

    A:Of course, please include any instructions with the person who will be dropping your dog off to ensure accuracy in his or her care. We will need to add their name to the account as an approved pickup person, and we will ask for ID when they come to pick up.

  • Q:Can my dogs board together?

    A:Yes, as long as the size of the dogs will fit comfortably according to K9 Resorts standards for weight limits in each accommodation. Dogs from the same family can board together. And each additional dog in the same accommodation gets a 50% discount. We reserve the right to upgrade the dog to a larger accommodation if we feel it is in the best interest of the dog’s health and safety.

  • Q:What if my dog doesn’t have a Bordetella shot, can we still bring them?

    A:Unfortunately we would be unable to board your dog if he/she has not had a Bordetella shot because we want to make sure all of our guests stay happy and healthy while they are with us, as well as maintaining a safe environment for all dogs in our care.

  • Q:Does my dog have to get a bath?

    A:Yes. If your dog has been with us for two overnights or more, we will give them a bath to ensure they go home clean and smelling fresh for you.

  • Q:We might get back from vacation a day or two early, so would it be a problem if we picked our dog up early?

    A:That’s not a problem at all. We just ask that you let us know ahead of time that you’ll be coming early so we can give your dog a bath and have everything ready for you when you arrive without a wait time!

  • Q:When you say you’re closed for a Holiday, does that mean there’s nobody here taking care of the dogs?

    A:We have staff here 365 days a year taking care of the dogs. Only the lobby is closed on specified holidays for pick up and drop off. Please contact your location for holiday hours and information.

  • Q:If my dog isn’t participating in daycare, will he/she still get enough activity during the day?

    A:Our all Inclusive option will give your dog multiple opportunities throughout the day to be out of their accommodation. If your dog is not in dog daycare, all activity will be with a member of the staff.

  • Q:Do you have webcams in the room so I can see my dog while I’m gone?

    A:Unfortunately we do not, but you’re welcome to call any time to check in on how your dog is doing. We frequently post photos and videos on our social media pages, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!  Please inquire at your local Resort for more information!

  • Q:How should I prepare my dog for boarding?

    A:Our boarding facilities are fully equipped to handle dogs of all shapes and sizes. After a few stays at K9 Resorts, most dogs adjust very well and many actually look forward to all of the playtime with their friends. If your dog is not a regular yet, you might consider bringing your dog to our location for daycare prior to an overnight or extended stay, not only to solidify the type of activity they will be doing while boarding, but also to allow your dog to get used to the facility and have a better overall experience. This allows our staff an opportunity to learn your dog's personality, and only enhances their comfort upon staying for a longer period. The transition is significantly easier when they have had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the environment and the staff. The dogs will also get used to you dropping them off and picking them up, which should eliminate any potential anxiety during this process. You can drop your dog off at K9 Resorts as early as 9 am and up until closing at 5:30 pm, but we do encourage you to drop off your dog as early as fits within your schedule as this gives them ample time to settle in on their first day.

  • Q:How much does it cost to board a dog?

    A:This is a great question and depends on a few things. Each facility has different pricing to remain competitive and affordable. Each facility has cage free and traditional options which are: Luxury Suite, Executive Room, Traditional Compartment (single and double sized). Please contact your local resort for more information on pricing.

  • Q:What shots do dogs need to be boarded and to participate in daycare?

    A:In order to board at K9 Resorts, overnight or during the day, we require 4* vaccines to be up to date. They are Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella and K9 Influenza. *(K9 Influenza is required at most K9 Resorts locations and strongly recommended at others. Please contact your local resort for more information).

  • Q:How long can you board a dog?

    A:Dogs can be boarded at any K9 Resort location for as long as necessary! Ask us about our special pricing options for long term boarding. Typical stays at our resorts range from 4 to 10 days in length.

  • Q:Do dogs need to be neutered/spayed to be boarded?

    A:We do not require dogs to be altered while boarding with us, however, for them to participate in doggie daycare, they must be altered by 10 months old.* This is subject to change depending on the dog and is up to the discretion of the staff to determine if they should remain in daycare until 10 months.

  • Q:What should be expected after my dog comes home from boarding?

    A:After the excitement of their vacation at K9 Resorts, it’s important to ensure your dog adapts well to being back home. While boarding, your dog received access to unlimited water both in the daycare and in their accommodation overnight. However, it is still likely they might seem very thirsty upon returning home. This is a common reaction to the excitement of being back at home with their family. Please withhold water from them for at least the first hour that they are home, and once you see they have calmed down and reacclimated, you can then allow them access to their water bowl. Drinking too much water too quickly may lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, vomiting or bloat. We recommend waiting at least three hours from the time you arrive home to offer their next feeding. Again, they will be incredibly happy to be home.. Like the side effects of drinking water too quickly, eating too quickly may cause the same discomfort and sometimes bloat. Walk your pet upon arrival home or allow access to a yard area. Excitement may also cause a change in urination or bowel movements outside their normal schedule. Give your pet some personalized attention – Some play time or sitting and petting or brushing them will help get through the excitement stage and calm down. K9 Resorts is a highly active environment, with the dogs interacting all day, every day they are boarding with us, whether it is in the doggie daycare with other dogs, or with our staff members during their private playtime. Even if your dog did not run all day, just being awake for longer hours than they are used to and thus may lead to your dog being more tired than usual when returning home. This should not impede their ability to eat or drink normally, and their lethargy should go away within 48-72 hours. While in Doggie Daycare most dogs love to play vigorously and wrestle around with each other all day. This interaction is exceptionally good for socialization and for your dog to burn energy. During this play, it is NOT uncommon for some dogs to leave with minor cuts or scrapes. They love this type of play and we have trained supervisors always monitoring the group. Rest comfortable knowing that we absolutely do not have aggressive dogs at K9 Resorts but dogs do have teeth and nails and use them when engaging one another, at times resulting in cuts or abrasions. While K9 Resorts staff are very attentive to your dog’s behavior and interactions, it is possible for minor cuts or abrasions to go unnoticed. – Although rare, occasionally some rough play may result in more moderate injuries. Again, we do have certified staff always monitoring the dogs, however no amount of supervision or personalized care from K9 Resorts can be 100% certain to prevent a dog from being injured.