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Benefits of K9 Resorts' Dog Boarding

Why Dog Boarding Can Be Better Than Pet Sitting


When considering a pet sitter, friend, or neighbor, please choose your pet care services carefully! Some dog owners choose neighbors, friends, or other unqualified individuals to care for their pets rather than a licensed, professional boarding facility because of cost. Owners should keep in mind that quality care is sometimes slightly higher priced as it is not easy to find or maintain.  

One of the many reasons for the slight difference in cost may be attributed to the fact that a premium boarding facility will have professionally trained and certified staff monitoring and caring for your dog all day long, as opposed to a pet sitter who only stops in to check on your dog for a few short visits each day.  

Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for!” K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel offers the most premium care for your dog in our state-of-the-art and award-winning facilities and with our highly trained and certified staff! 

Contact K9 Resorts at (908) 889-7387 to schedule a tour of our certified boarding facilities and see why we're the number-one choice for pet care in the industry! 

Please choose very carefully when making such an important decision in your dog’s life. It may not seem that significant at first, but choosing who cares for your furry family member when you are away is very important for their well-being and your peace of mind. 

Please consider all of the following factors in your decision regarding quality pet care for your dog.

Ensuring Your Pet Is in Good Hands

Pet sitters, friends, and neighbors often mean well, but are usually not professionally trained or independently certified in pet care.

When Using a Pet Sitter/Friend/Neighbor:

  • Most pets are only checked on a few short times during the day potentially leaving your pet alone for as many as 23 hours a day. Often, there is only a small amount of time spent on exercise, interaction, and observation – all of which are needed even more while pets are away from their owner. K9 Resorts has trained and loving certified pet care technicians on staff to professionally care for your pet.
  • Pets can experience severe stress, separation anxiety, and boredom when left alone. As a result, stress-related behavior such as destroying the house, yard, and belongings can occur. K9 Resorts helps alleviate stress by providing hands-on interaction and a variety of activities to keep pets busy and happy throughout the day.

Pet sitters, friends, or neighbors often mean well, however they usually are not professionally trained or independently certified in pet care.

This lack of professional training unfortunately may result in the following:

  • Backing out of the commitment to care for your dog at the last minute, leaving you without pet care. Due to the fact that this often occurs at the last minute, it is often too late to find a certified boarding facilities that have room for your pet as they are already booked. Pet owners that book reputable and licensed boarding facilities in the first place, are guaranteed their reservation for pet care. Don't worry about cancellations last minute, our dog boarding near you ensures that you can travel at ease!
  • Forgetting to show up to check on your pet.
  • In emergencies, inclement weather, or unforeseen events, a pet sitter may not be able to get to your home.
  • Even if introduced previously, pets may act abnormally or unpredictably while their owner is not home. In an owner’s absence the dog may not welcome the pet sitter into the house as they are protecting their environment or may feel threatened by their presence.
  • Your pet may escape from the pet sitter or your friend and try to look for you.
  • With someone coming in and out of your home there is always the possibility that they may forget to lock your door, leaving your home and pet susceptible to intruders.
  • Even if normally not done, when left at home with no long-term human interaction, your pet may become destructive, chewing objects that they could choke on or having accidents that may damage your home.
  • In the event your pet needs medical attention, they may not know how to help or where to take your pet.

When Using Private Neighborhood In Home Pet Care:

Vaccination Requirements

Does the service provider check to ensure all dogs are fully vaccinated prior to entry? Do they have written and enforced vaccination policies and safety protocols to ensure only HEALTHY companions surround your pet? Some in home pet sitters or “private pet care providers” forgo vaccination policies. Choose a place that makes policies clear by listing vaccination requirements on its website and by verifying proof of vaccinations.

Clean and Roomy

Strict cleaning protocols are critical to ensuring a healthy, safe and clutter-free environment. Ask the provider what precautions they have taken to remove unsafe objects from the environment where your pet will be staying. Is your pet housed in a professionally designed, luxury pet enclosure or just left alone to roam around the home loosely where they could try to escape or hurt themselves by accessing unwanted areas? Ask to see the label of the cleaning product they are using to ensure it is specifically made for pet care facilities. Ask if they are trained and certified (and by whom) to know the difference between a “cleaner” and a “pet care disinfectant”

Security & Safety Protocols

Pet care providers should maintain a clean and secure environment by investing in such things as pet-secure fencing, professional ventilation systems, temperature controlled rooms, continuous monitoring of pets throughout the day, etc. Personal homes are not licensed, inspected or regulated, and cannot offer such a safe and secure environment.

Proper Supervision

At a licensed, professional, premium pet care facility, staff will be trained and certified. Trust, training and experience are critical! Dog bites, neglect and property damage are some of the top insurance claims for pet sitters who fail to supervise the pets under their care. Often the PET OWNER is held responsible.

Hours of Actual Care

Ensure your provider has professionally trained & certified staff available both during and outside typical business hours to ensure supervision throughout your pet’s entire stay. Many pet sitters only drop in to feed and walk a dog for a short time — obviously not the best option for pets that deserve more constant care and companionship.


Activities give your best friend plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation. Activities should be designed and staffed to give dogs the opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs and/or humans–SAFELY–unlike what they may experience in someone else’s home or with untrained employees.

Comfortable Accommodations

Your pet should experience the ultimate in comfort and pampering with accommodations such as comfortable/clean bedding, continuous fresh water, climate controlled rooms, activities customized to your pet and more. Your pet is family — he or she should be happy during his or her stay.

Professionally Trained & Certified Staff

Committed, caring, professionally trained and certified staff members are essential to the comfort and safety of your pet. All staff members should be capable of handling critical pet care responsibilities. Beware of individuals who claim they have experience but lack proper credentials and expertise.


Does your provider have any back up staff members available to deliver the highest quality of care to all four legged guests, even when someone is sick or has family issues. They should also make special accommodations to ensure a reliable, pet-loving staff is capable of taking care of issues both before and if they happen.

Customer & Industry Approval

Find a provider who has gained the trust of other discerning pet parents. Local veterinarian’s recommendations are a great place to start. Check the website for any independent awards, nominations, or certifications, and make sure to ask for references.

Trustworthy Staff

It’s important that you only leave your pet with someone you know and trust well, like an established, licensed local business. Are you really comfortable with someone you don’t know entering your home or leaving your best friend in a strangers home? Beware of places with any clues the staff may let uninvited guests near your pet.

Licensed & Approved Business

State and local licenses and other requirements are there for you and your pet’s protection. Make sure your provider follows all state/local requirements and operates a business, not just a paid hobby. This will give you peace of mind that professionals are taking care of your loved one in a secure environment.


The best service providers will have limited availability during busy travel and holiday seasons. Be sure to book early to ensure your pet is taken care of by one of the better providers.

K9 Resorts is the ultimate pet care facility. When you need the best of the best – to guarantee the utmost in your pets comfort and joy – you and your pet will find K9 Resorts to be second to none. As a matter of fact, K9 Resorts is the most award winning pet care facility in New Jersey, where we treat you and your dog like family! Not only do local veterinarians refer K9 Resorts to their clients, a number find that our state-of-the-art pet care facility meets their discriminating needs for their own pets. We are very proud many local veterinarians board their own pets here at K9 Resorts!

Again, please consider all of these factors in your decision regarding quality pet care for your dog. Please call K9 Resorts today to schedule a private tour of Your Dog’s Home Away From Home and speak with one of our trained professionals. We are proud of our facility and would love to show you around and explain why K9 Resorts is the best option for your pet. You will immediately realize why K9 Resorts is one of the most award winning and well equipped pet care facilities in the nation. 5-Star Experience, Love & Fun Included!

Contact your nearest K9 Resorts to schedule a tour and see why we're the number-one choice for pet care in the industry!

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