Daycare for Large Dogs in 
Pompano Beach, FL

Elite Daycare Services for Your Large Dog Over 30 Pounds

K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel is dedicated to offering unparalleled care for your beloved large dog, ensuring they receive the outstanding attention they need. Our specialized services are designed for the comfort and well-being of dogs over 30 pounds, providing them with the space and freedom they thrive on. Our expert team focuses on caring for larger breeds, creating a doggie daycare experience that exceeds expectations in every aspect.


Our state-of-the-art facility is a haven for your large furry family member, equipped with expansive areas designed for both active play and tranquil rest. We've meticulously crafted a secure and immaculate environment with separate zones for vigorous activities and quiet downtime, prioritizing your pet’s safety and health.


Learn more about our premium large dog daycare in Pompano Beach by contacting us at (754) 704-5725 or through our website!

Separate Play Environments for Large Dogs

Understanding the distinct needs of large dogs compared to their smaller counterparts, K9 Resorts is proud to deliver a dog daycare solution that immerses your large dog in a world of fun and superior care. Our environment encourages stimulating play that caters to their instinctual needs in a controlled and monitored setting.


Safety remains our utmost concern. To prevent any incidents, our play areas are divided based on size (for dogs above 30 pounds and those below), ensuring a safe play environment that reduces the risk of injury. Our staff are trained in breed-specific nuances, offering a bespoke daycare adventure that celebrates your dog’s individuality.


K9 Resorts also caters to petite pooches with a specialized daycare service for small dogs, securing a cozy and safe haven for those under 30 pounds.

Benefits of Our Large Dog Daycare

Selecting K9 Resorts for your large dog’s daycare ensures numerous benefits tailored to meet the needs of their size and demeanor. Outstanding advantages of our elite large dog daycare service include:

  • Enhanced Socializing Opportunities: Our daycare promotes vital social interactions in a constantly supervised environment, aiding in their social development.
  • Tailored Physical Exercise: Tailored play areas and equipment for large breeds ensure your pet remains active and engaged, promoting overall health and happiness.
  • Stimulating Mental Engagement: A range of activities designed to keep boredom at bay and discourage undesirable behaviors, ensuring your pet returns home content and calm each day.
  • Expert Caregiving: Our experienced team specializes in handling dogs of all sizes, providing caring and attentive supervision throughout their stay.

Experience the K9 Resorts Difference

K9 Resorts stands out for its commitment to exceptional pet care, striving to ensure the happiness and safety of your large dog. Our dedication to professional, loving care distinguishes us in the field.


Choose K9 Resorts for a premium doggie daycare experience in Pompano Beach for your precious large dog. We promise a level of luxury and care for your large pet that is unmatched. Count on us for large dog daycare services that exceed your expectations.

Call us at (754) 704-5725 now to secure your large dog’s spot in our top-of-the-line dog daycare facility.