Small Dog Daycare in Malvern

Safe Daycare Option for Puppies and Small Dogs Under 30 lbs


Navigating the world of doggie daycare for small dogs can be a concern for pet parents. At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Malvern, we recognize the unique needs of small dogs and offer a safe, enjoyable environment designed just for them.

Specially Trained Staff for Small Dog Comfort:

Leave your worries behind with our specially trained and certified staff committed to creating a secure and fun environment catering to the unique needs of small dogs. Safety is our priority, especially for those who may find larger group settings challenging.

Thorough Evaluation Process:

Understanding that small dogs require extra care, our comprehensive evaluation process assesses temperament, behavior, and compatibility with other dogs. Whether your pup thrives in group play or prefers one-on-one attention, we tailor our approach to ensure their comfort and happiness.

Gradual Introduction to Daycare:


Our daycare encourages full-day stays to help dogs acclimate gradually. We introduce them to our existing group one at a time, ensuring a slow and safe transition. Social interaction with fellow furry friends provides mental stimulation and a positive outlet for energy, preventing issues like separation anxiety.

Size and Weight-Based Playgroups:

Ensuring optimal safety, we've organized our playgroups based on size and weight. Large dogs (30 pounds and over) have a designated playgroup with specialized personnel and strict supervision. Meanwhile, our small dog playgroup (30 pounds and under) is crafted to provide a secure space for our smaller friends.

Tailored Play Equipment:


Our play equipment is tailored to each group's size, ensuring a perfect fit for every furry friend. Larger playgroups enjoy taller toys and play structures, while our small dog group has space with lower-to-the-ground features.

Professional Supervision and Amenities:

Our trained and certified staff treat every dog like royalty. We provide frequent potty breaks, unlimited access to water, ample rest areas, and climate control systems to ensure comfort throughout their stay.

Stimulating and Safe Daycare for Your Small Dog:

At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Malvern, we recognize the importance of socialization in your dog's happiness. Our doggie daycare offers plenty of opportunities for small dogs to play safely, ensuring mental and physical activity aligns with their energy levels. Trust our trained staff to safeguard the happiness and safety of your best friend, providing personalized attention and tailored services for a truly enjoyable experience. 

Sending your small dog to daycare shouldn't be nerve-wracking. With K9 Resorts, your furry companion will thrive in a secure and stimulating environment, tailored to their unique needs. Experience peace of mind knowing your small dog is in the care of our trained and certified staff, receiving the attention and activities they need for a fulfilling and happy stay.

Benefits of Small Dog Daycare

Curious about the benefits of our small dog daycare at K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel? Joining our specialized program comes with a range of advantages for both you and your furry friend. Here's a quick look:

  1. Interactions: Your small dog can socialize with other dogs in our well-managed and monitored setting, promoting essential social skills and reducing anxiety around other animals.
  2. Physical Activity: Regular play and exercise at our daycare keep your small dog physically active and mentally engaged, preventing restlessness and unwanted behaviors at home.
  3. Serenity: Whether you're at work or out for the day, relax knowing your small dog is receiving care and entertainment in a protected and secure environment.
  4. Expert Supervision: Our accredited and skilled team ensures constant oversight, creating safe and friendly playgroups for small dogs of various breeds and temperaments.

Let your small dog connect, move, and have fun at our small dog daycare program. 

Looking for a reliable small dog daycare near you? Get started by calling (610) 365-4547 or reach out to us online!