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Trustworthy & Local Luxury Dog Boarding Services

It can be nerve-racking leaving your furry family member at a dog kennel. Or dog boarding facility when an emergency occurs or a last-minute business trip pops up. You shouldn’t have to rely on family, friends, or a stranger for pet care services. Only to check on your pet every so often at your home. Your canine companion deserves more than that. They deserve the compassionate and professional overnight dogLuxury Dog Boarding in Malvern boarding services boarding services at K9 Resorts luxury pet resort in Malvern. We offer award-winning luxury dog boarding services and dog daycare for Malvern residents.

For more information about our boarding services, call us at (610) 365-4547 or contact our team online!

When your pup is a guest at our luxury dog hotel, we can ensure their complete comfort in our dog boarding suites. And regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy. You can rest assured that your pet has the care they need while you’re gone so you can enjoy your trip or get work done. Our facility has spacious dog boarding options that delight our four-legged guests. We offer affordable dog boarding in Malvern staffed by trained, reliable dog lovers.

What Is Dog Boarding & Why Do I Need It?

The love you feel for your pet drives you to ensure they’re taken care of whether you’re around or not. If you’re called away, and can’t take your pet with you, our dog boarding in Malvern is an ideal option. Additionally, dog boarding gives your pup the physical and social stimulation needed when you’re away. Having a friend or family member check in once or twice a day can't provide the feedback your dog deserves. We can offer specific dog boarding and enrichment amenities. An experience your friends and family members may not be able to provide your pet.

Some of the dog boarding options we offer include:

  • Traditional dog boarding
  • Executive rooms
  • Luxury suites

Regardless of your dog boarding preferences, we have virtually everything your dog will need to feel comfortable in our care. Our dog hotel in Malvern provides luxury dog kennels, spacious dog boarding suites, and compassionate and knowledgeable staff members who make your pup feel at home in our pet hotel. Our team of experts ensures your pet is relaxed, pampered, and adored while they are a guest at our luxury dog boarding hotel, so when you return, they won’t have realized you left.

How Much Does Luxury Dog Boarding in Malvern Cost?

Traveling to places that won’t let you bring your pet is a bummer, but you don’t have to be without options. Our luxury dog boarding services are affordable and can help give you peace of mind that your furry family member is in the most capable hands. We do this by offering many dog boarding options to choose from, such as our traditional plan, that start at $48 a night. Our classic, all-inclusive dog boarding compartment option includes outdoor yards that feature state-of-the-art artificial turf for your pup to stretch their legs. The standard dog boarding compartments include top-of-the-line Snyder Enclosures with rubber “comfort mat” bedding.

Our $69 a night dog boarding option is a little more luxurious, featuring dog kennels with Kuranda dog bedding, a cage-free space, and top-quality fine dining with Blue Buffalo meals. You can also choose between all-day group play or individual playtime with our expertly trained staff.

You can’t go wrong with either option, and we’re happy to discuss all of our available dog boarding plans to tailor your pet's experience and ensure your pup is comfortable with us. Your pet’s safety and happiness are our top priorities.

4 Benefits of Our Overnight Dog Boarding

Cancel hiring an expensive pet sitter you found online or asking a friend or family member to watch your four-legged loved one. Our highly trained and professional staff at K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel of Malvern want to support your pet while you’re away with affordable and thoughtful dog boarding services. We ensure your dog is taken care of by implementing the mental, emotional, and physical support they require for continued health. From group socialization to the most luxurious dog kennels imaginable, our Malvern dog hotel offers various advantages to dog sitting.

More benefits of our dog boarding services include:

  1. Social Time – Whether your dog enjoys group activities or prefers one-on-one interaction with one of our pet hotel staff members, or both, we can accommodate their needs. Our team of trained dog lovers understand that socialization is essential and your pup will get plenty of it.
  2. Exercise – Our spacious outdoor yards and indoor play areas keep your dog fit, healthy, and happy while you’re gone through hours of play and socialization. Your pet’s health is always top of mind.
  3. Security – The safety and security of everyone inside our luxury dog hotel is a top priority. Our advanced dog boarding and dog daycare facilities are explicitly constructed to protect our staff and all of our four-legged guests.
  4. Expert Care – We’ve amassed a team of knowledgeable, caring, and experienced dog lovers who are fully trained and background-checked. Your pup will feel entirely at ease with our pet hotel's team members.

Equipped with the tools and skills to ensure your pet is cared for, our team is ready to support you. We can design the perfect resort package for your furry friend with our customizable options and amenities. Choose from adding additional amenities like a relaxing doggy bath, gourmet treats, and even Frosty Paws Doggie Ice Cream to enrich your pup's luxurious getaway.

A Trusted Reputation in the Community

We’ve built a reputation amongst our professional peers that is known in the local community. Our team is highly trusted and recommended by veterinarians, groomers, and other local pet professionals. We value the knowledge and expertise provided by many of these dog lovers in the Malvern community and have structured our dog boarding facility and amenities to reflect their insight. Our locally owned and operated luxury dog hotel is available when you need it most to help keep you stress-free during your next trip away from your pet.

The Malvern community chooses our PET RESORTS dog boarding services because:

  • We employ trained, certified, and loving staff.
  • We offer cage-free dog boarding options.
  • We have state-of-the-art facilities featuring a fully computerized, accurate, and reliable reservation system.
  • We provide safe and secure luxury dog kennels.
  • We have a courtyard featuring revolutionary artificial turf.

With the most luxurious overnight dog boarding accommodations for your pup, our welcoming staff, spacious environments, and commitment to safety ensure your pet is well cared for with us. When your plans change abruptly and you need a comfortable place for your dog, book them a luxury stay at K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Malvern.

Call (610) 365-4547 or contact us online to experience our state-of-the-art facility, engaging dog daycare programs, and affordable dog boarding services.

Come See, We're Better

    • Luxury
    • 8' X 8' cage free space

    • Ideal for families with multiple pets

    • Kuranda Luxury dog bedding

    • Blue Buffalo top quality meals designed for sensitive stomachs

    • Glass privacy doors and sound resistant environment

    • Top of the line enclosures by Synder

    • In-suite television entertainment tuned to Animal Planet

    • Choice of all day group play or individual playtime with staff

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    • Executive
    • 5' X 7' cage free space

    • Ideal for families with one or two dogs

    • Kuranda Luxury dog bedding

    • Blue Buffalo top quality meals designed for sensitive stomachs

    • Glass privacy doors and sound resistant environment

    • Top of the line enclosures by Synder

    • Choice of all day group play or individual playtime with staff

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    • Traditional
    • Conventional Boarding

    • Ideal for young puppies and dogs who participate in dog daycare

    • Standard compartment recommended for up to 35lbs

    • Double compartment recommended for up to 100lbs

    • Blue Buffalo top quality meals designed for sensitive stomachs

    • Choice of all day group play or individual playtime with staff

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