Outdoor Dog Boarding & Dog Daycare in Roxbury, NJ

Your Furry Friends Dream Outdoor Space

At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Roxbury, we understand that your furry companion deserves the best care and an enriching experience while you're away. That's why we offer top-notch outdoor yards and play spaces, providing the ultimate outdoor experience for our luxury dog hotel guests. 


Our outdoor courtyard is a haven where dogs have the freedom to run, play, and stretch their legs in a safe and secure environment. With state-of-the-art artificial turf and regular disinfection, we ensure a clean and hygienic outdoor space for your beloved pets.

The Perfect Balance of Indoor and Outdoor Play

When you choose K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Roxbury, your pet will enjoy a perfect balance of indoor and outdoor play spaces. Our expansive areas give your dog plenty of room to feel comfortable and make new furry friends. We carefully separate dogs based on size to ensure that all our guests feel comfortable and safe during their playtime.


Let your pup enjoy a day of fun and frolic in our outdoor play area! Call (973) 453-0924 or contact us online to book their stay today!

Unleashing the Benefits of Our Outdoor Yards

There's more to our outdoor yards than just fun and games. Our outdoor play areas offer numerous benefits that contribute to your pet's overall well-being:

  • Increasing Mental Energy: Engaging in outdoor activities stimulates your dog's mind and prevents boredom, keeping them mentally sharp and alert.
  • Decreasing Separation Anxiety: Spending time outdoors and participating in group play activities helps reduce separation anxiety, making your pet feel more at ease during their stay.
  • Diminishing Destructive Behavior: Regular play in our outdoor spaces helps channel your dog's energy positively, reducing destructive habits like chewing and digging.
  • Reducing Stress and Depression: Socializing with other dogs in a natural setting helps alleviate stress and feelings of loneliness.
  • Building Confidence: Interacting with new dogs and experiencing different environments boosts your pet's confidence and social skills.
  • Lowering Digestive Issues: The combination of exercise and fresh air can promote better digestion, ensuring your pet feels their best.

Trusted Dog Boarding & Daycare with Outdoor Space

When you entrust your pet to K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Roxbury, you can be confident that they'll have access to extensive outdoor space throughout their stay. Unlike some other pet care facilities that only offer indoor areas, our outdoor space plays a significant role in enhancing your pet's experience.


Our dog boarding and doggie daycare programs with outdoor space are designed to:

  • Keep Your Dog Occupied: The abundance of outdoor activities keeps your furry friend occupied and happy, minimizing anxiety and worries.
  • Promote Socialization: Regular interaction with other dogs fosters positive social behavior and prevents aggressive tendencies.
  • Prioritize Cleanliness: Our outdoor yards are equipped with antimicrobial agents, creating a safer and sanitized environment for all our guests.
  • Enhance Comfort and Security: The spacious setting allows your pet to feel more at ease, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable stay.

Give Your Pet the Outdoor Adventure They Deserve

When you choose K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Roxbury, you're giving your pet the gift of an extraordinary outdoor adventure. Our dog boarding and daycare services with outdoor space ensure your beloved companion receives the exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation they need to thrive while you're away.