Small Dog Daycare in Katy, TX

Tailored Daycare Solutions for Dogs below 30 Pounds

Finding a reliable and enjoyable doggie daycare can frustrate pet parents, especially those with petite pups. K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Katy is the ultimate solution for stress-free pet care. Say goodbye to all your worries and leave your pets in good hands.

Our doggie daycare facility is staffed by a team of certified professionals trained to create an environment that meets the unique needs of small dogs. We prioritize safety in everything we do, recognizing that small dogs may face challenges when interacting with larger dogs. We aim to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for your furry friend.

Comprehensive Evaluation Process

We understand that small dogs require specialized care. We have a meticulous evaluation procedure to ensure that we provide the best possible experience for your dog. This procedure sets the gold standard for assessing your dog's temperament, behavior, and compatibility with other canine companions. Based on this thorough evaluation, we can determine whether your dog would thrive best in our exclusive small dog playgroup or if they require individualized attention and supervision.

Encouraging Full-Day Immersion for Seamless Adjustment

To ensure a seamless transition, we encourage pet parents to let their dogs stay the entire day, allowing for a gradual acclimation. Introductions to our existing group happen one at a time, ensuring a leisurely and secure assimilation. Recognizing the social nature of our furry friends, spending the day with like-minded companions provides a vital outlet for energy and mental stimulation. It also helps mitigate negative behavioral patterns.

Separate Play Groups for Optimal Safety

Our thoughtfully designed daycare facility accommodates dogs of all sizes and temperaments, boasting two exclusive playgroups. The large dog playgroup, tailored for dogs weighing 30 pounds and over, adheres to specialized personnel and stringent supervision standards. Conversely, our small dog playgroup, designed for those under 30 pounds, guarantees every petite participant a secure and enjoyable experience.

Attentive and Certified Care

Our staff treats each dog with the regal care they deserve, offering regular potty breaks, unlimited access to water, and a facility equipped with ample rest areas and climate control systems for ultimate comfort.

We know how important socialization is for a dog's well-being and happiness. Our doggie daycare provides a safe environment where small dogs can play and have fun. Our playgroups keep your furry friend mentally and physically active. We ensure that all activities align with their energy levels and abilities so that no dog is left out.

We understand that sending your small dog to daycare can be daunting. However, at K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Katy, our trained and certified staff prioritizes the safety and happiness of your best friend. We pay special attention to the unique needs of small dogs and personalize our services accordingly for each guest. Providing customized attention, safe playgroups, and ample exercise ensures that your small dog will have an enjoyable experience.

Whether you require pet care services for a few hours or an entire day, rest assured that we provide a secure and enjoyable space for your pet while you're away. 

For more information about our small dog daycare in Katy, TX, call (281) 915-4229 or contact us online today.