Daycare for Large Dogs in North Olmsted, OH

Premier Daycare Destination for Large Breed Dogs Over 30 Pounds

At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel, we take pride in prioritizing the happiness and wellness of your large breed dog weighing more than 30 pounds. Our exclusive services cater specifically to the needs of bigger dogs who desire the freedom to roam and engage. Each member of our professional team is adept in large breed care, offering your cherished companion a daycare experience that stands out as the gold standard.


Our state-of-the-art facility is designed with the happiness of your furry friend in mind, boasting spacious areas for both play and rest. A clean, secure setting featuring expansive play areas and calming lounge areas are thoughtfully arranged to ensure your dog's contentment and safety.


Explore the extravagant daycare options for your large dog by contacting us at (440) 577-4070 or via our online contact form!

Custom-Designed Play Spaces for Big Breeds

K9 Resorts recognizes the unique play styles of large dogs compared to their smaller counterparts. That's why we offer day services dedicated to the joy and care of large dogs, encouraging lively playtime and fulfilling their natural instincts within a managed, overseen setting.


For us, safety is paramount. The play areas are divided by size (over 30 pounds and under 30 pounds), creating a worry-free environment that minimizes the risk of injury. Our trained team is well-versed in the differences between individual dogs and is committed to providing a personalized daycare experience that aligns with your dog's unique personality.


And for the little ones, K9 Resorts hasn't overlooked a thing; a special daycare experience for small dogs is also available, establishing a comfy and protected space for pets under 30 pounds.

Advantages of Choosing Our Daycare for Your Large Dog

Your loyal pet will enjoy numerous benefits tailored to their unique character at our dog daycare. Perks of choosing our boutique large dog daycare include:

  • Robust Socializing Opportunities: As sociable beings, dogs thrive in the social structure of our daycare, which promotes their overall behavioral growth in a supervised environment.
  • Essential Physical Activity: Our facilities offer extensive areas and toys geared toward large breeds, ensuring your dog stays active, fit, and healthy.
  • Mental Stimulation: A wide variety of stimulating activities are designed to prevent boredom and negative behavior, ensuring your dog is happy and relaxed every evening.
  • Professional Monitoring: Our professional team is skilled in caring for dogs of all sizes, providing attentive and vigilant supervision for each pet throughout their stay.

See the K9 Resorts Difference

K9 Resorts is committed to excellence in pet care; your large dog’s comfort and joy are covered by our dedicated personnel. Your confidence in our ability to look after your beloved dog with expertise and affection is why we're here.


Our top-tier large dog daycare service in North Olmsted promises a luxurious experience that your precious pet won't find elsewhere. Trust in K9 Resorts for exemplary care that sets the bar for luxury daycare for big dogs.

Call (440) 577-4070 today to reserve an exclusive spot for your large dog at our luxurious facility.