Albuquerque Luxury Doggie Daycare

Trustworthy Doggie Daycare Services

Caring for a pet takes compassion, patience, and absolute love for animals. Our team at K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel of Albuquerque has designed a dog daycare program that ensures your canine companion is well-loved and gets all the exercise and space to unwind. We like to think of our dog boarding and dog daycare facility as a place where your dog can genuinely be themselves and get the crucial socialization they need to thrive.

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All of our four-legged dog daycare guests will have access to:

  • Modern and comfortable accommodations that make them feel at home
  • Open areas for play and quiet spaces where they can relax in peace
  • Healthy and nutritious meals that give them the energy they require for continuous play

Our highly trained and caring pet handlers are skilled at making your pet feel comfortable and quelling any separation anxiety they might experience. We treat your pet like family.

Health & Safety Are Paramount

We always want to make sure that anyone who sets foot inside our facility—four-legged or two-legged—feels secure. Our state-of-the-art facility is built with protective precautions and sanitary features in place.

Some of the safety procedures we have in place include:

  • An extensive assessment that all dogs must pass before attending the dog daycare
  • Ensuring all pets are up to date on vaccinations
  • A cutting-edge flooring system with Microban® that keeps our floors cleaner longer
  • Outdoor environments with antimicrobial agents that create a safer and cleaner space for all pets
  • A UV air purification system that includes a specially designed ventilation system

Your furry family member will be under the supervision of certified pet handlers who have a passion for their well-being. Your canine companion will get one-on-one attention and/or group interaction, depending on their preference.

At our premier pet care facility, the goal is to give you complete peace of mind that your pet is having the time of his or her life.

Call our Albuquerque luxury dog boarding and dog daycare at (505) 596-6872 and speak with one of our dedicated staff about your pet’s needs.