Luxury Dog Boarding in Albuquerque

Premier Pet Care When You Need it Most

When you need long-term or short-term accommodations for your pet, there probably aren’t many people you trust to treat your dog like family. Often, it’s difficult to trust anyone with such an enormous responsibility. Fortunately, K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel of Albuquerque has the resort-like amenities your dog needs to thrive while you’re away.

We offer all of our guests the option of:

  • Traditional boarding – This dog boarding option is for the pet that prefers a standard—though, no less luxurious—environment to unwind. You can choose between a standard compartment for dogs weighing less than 30lbs or double compartments for those pets that weigh up to 100lbs.
  • Executive rooms – When your pet prefers a cage-free boarding experience, our executive rooms are the ideal solution. They give your canine semi-privacy and space they need to roam around. This option also allows our staff to monitor your pet’s health and safety.
  • Luxury suites – If you have multiple pets and know that they’re more comfortable when they’re together, consider a luxury suite. This premium boarding solution gives your pets their own dog beds, views of outside, and top-quality meals.

Exceptional Amenities of Our Luxury Dog Boarding

Regardless of the luxury dog boarding option you choose, your pet will have access to several advantages that other companies can’t match.

Some of the benefits of our dog boarding services include:

  • Comfortable and modern dog beds that promote complete relaxation
  • The ultimate outdoor play area where they can roam and get the interaction they need
  • High-definition TVs tuned to animal-friendly programming to make your pet feel at home
  • Bathing salons with premium shampoos where your pet can get pampered

When you leave your furry friend with us, you can feel confident that they’re getting the love and attention they need to thrive until you get back.

For more information about our premier pet care in Albuquerque, call our certified staff at (505) 596-6872.

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