Daycare for Large Dogs In Audubon

Supervised Daycare for Dogs Over 30 Pounds

At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Audubon, we recognize the distinct requirements of larger dogs, which vary greatly from those of smaller breeds. Their impressive stature necessitates ample space for movement and play, while their high energy levels call for additional exercise. Our specialized team is proficiently trained to address these specific needs.


Our dog daycare service delivers an unparalleled luxury experience for your cherished pet. Our dedicated team ensures your dog receives top-tier care and attention. 

Designed with your pet's happiness and safety in mind, our facilities boast ample space for play and relaxation. With large areas for running and playing, along with comfortable spots for napping, we've crafted every aspect for your dog's pleasure and well-being.


To learn more about our large dog daycare services in Audubon, contact us online or call (610) 595-9030 today!

The Importance of Size-Specific Doggie Daycare

Size truly plays a crucial role in doggie daycare. Our tailored approach guarantees a luxurious and customized experience for your large dog, meeting its specific requirements. Our facilities boast gym equipment specially designed for larger dog breeds, ensuring your furry friend stays physically active while catering to their instincts and natural behaviors. 

At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Audubon, ensuring the safety of your pet is our top priority. We understand the risks associated with dogs of varying sizes playing together, which is why we promote playtime among dogs of the same size. This approach helps in preventing accidents and injuries, making it a safer and more enjoyable experience for your beloved pet.

Moreover, various breeds and sizes come with their own distinct temperaments and requirements. Our expert team in Audubon is skilled in recognizing these specific traits and offers customized attention that honors your pet’s uniqueness. Whether your dog is reserved and enjoys quiet time or loves engaging in play with fellow canines, we tailor the daycare experience to suit their individual character.

The Benefits of Dog Daycare In Audubon

Doggy daycare provides numerous benefits for your cherished pet's health and happiness. Our dog daycare is built on the belief that every canine deserves a tailored and outstanding experience. Discover the perks of choosing K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Audubon's large dog daycare:


Dogs naturally crave companionship. Our daycare provides an ideal environment for your dog to mingle with other dogs and build social skills in a safe, supervised setting.


To keep your dog healthy, daily exercise is essential. Our spacious play areas and large play equipment offer your furry companion plenty of room to sprint and burn off energy, all while being closely monitored by our experienced staff.

Mental Stimulation

When dogs get bored, they might start acting out. At our daycare, we provide numerous fun activities to keep your furry friend mentally active and stop bad behaviors before they start. After a day with us, your pet will be joyfully tired and calm, just in time for pickup.

Professional Supervision

Our dedicated and expert team is prepared to look after dogs of every breed and size. They monitor your pet's health, behavior, and comfort throughout the day, ensuring your dog's well-being.


At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Audubon, we have a dedicated team of experts focused on providing outstanding care, blending relaxation and enjoyment perfectly for your canine. Rest assured, our seasoned staff skillfully handles dogs of all breeds and sizes, with your pet's safety and joy as our top priority.

Our luxury dog daycare in Audubon meets all your furry companion's needs. Trust in our ability to provide the superb care your beloved dog needs. Here, every dog is treated like royalty.

Discover premium care for your large dog at our luxury Audubon doggie daycare. Exceptional attention, unparalleled comfort. Contact us online or call (610) 595-9030. Pamper your pet today!