Puppy and Dog Daycare in Hamilton, NJ

Safe & Supervised Social Playtime for Dogs

Dogs are social by nature, and they need exercise and playtime to be at their best. Doggie Daycare at Doggie Daycare in HamiltonK9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel of Hamilton provides the stimulation and socialization your dog craves. Our group play doggy dog daycare environment is designed for dogs that are already comfortable socializing with other dogs, as our cage-free group activities provide exercise, interaction, and a way expend excess energy. We also make sure your pup gets the devoted attention they deserve from our team of dog lovers. Give your dog the freedom to stretch, play, and make new friends with Doggie Daycare in Hamilton.

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The Benefits of Doggie Daycare

At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel of Hamilton, the health and safety of all dogs are vitally important to us. That’s why our Doggie Daycare program is designed to give dogs a way to exercise and socialize in a safe, controlled, fully supervised environment. Your dog will have fun, but you’ll enjoy many of the benefits that come from an active, social pet. Doggie Daycare can lessen separation anxiety, behavior problems, boredom, and even weight gain.

When you choose our Doggie Daycare in Hamilton, your dog will benefit from:

  • A chance to get out of the house, especially when you’re not home
  • A thorough safe, clean, and supervised setting
  • Regular opportunities to relieve themselves outside during the day
  • Playtime with a group of expertly supervised, carefully screened dogs
  • Plenty of exercise and socialization with both dogs and our human staff
  • Occasional rest breaks and quiet time that even the most energetic dogs need
  • Dog-loving, trained and certified staff dedicated to the wellbeing of our canine guests
  • Activities to help curb any separation anxiety or depression
  • An expertly designed and engaging environment that caters to dogs

Dogs that attend Doggie Daycare or are staying overnight in our luxury dog boarding suites must be healthy and up to date on their shots, which we verify prior to each pet’s participation. Dogs must also successfully complete a strict temperament screening to make sure they are compatible with the group. Our certified staff supervisors are trained in dog safety and closely and carefully monitor all Doggie Daycare activities. We also build mid-day naps i​nto the schedule to ensure all dogs get adequate rest between bursts of active playtime.Dogs at Daycare in Hamilton

K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel of Hamilton features a fenced-in outdoor courtyard outfitted with K9 Grass, and our Hamilton Doggie Daycare participants have access to this area to relieve themselves and get some fresh air. Not only do we keep this area sanitary through regular cleaning using premium, hospital-grade disinfectants, but K9 Grass is also specifically designed with dog needs in mind. The turf features AlphaSan, a food-safe antimicrobial agent that discourages bacteria and odors, to keep the relief area safe and sanitary.

Come See, We’re Better!

You want the very best for your dog, because they are family. Our Doggie Daycare program gives them a place to burn off energy, make new friends, and go home happy and relaxed. And when you drop them off in the morning, you can be confident they’ll be safe, secure, and expertly supervised at all times. Schedule a tour and see for yourself!

For the health and safety of all dogs in our care, Doggie Daycare participants must successfully pass our temperament evaluation. Dogs older than 10 months must also be spayed or neutered.

Our Hamilton Doggie Daycare program and luxury dog boarding services are loved and trusted by happy dogs and their owners. Call (609) 546-4233 or contact us online to schedule a tour!