Luxury Suites Details
$89 per day
The most spacious suites, providing ultimate privacy, comfort and tranquility.
What's Included:
  • Approximately 8' x 8' cage free space
  • Choice of all day group play or individual play time with staff
  • Luxury Kuranda® dog bedding
  • Premium Blue Buffalo meals
  • Fully enclosed, providing a sound resistant environment
  • Beautiful decor & in-suite entertainment featuring Dog TV
  • Ideal for multiple dogs

Luxury Dog Suites in Hamilton

Best-in-Class Pet Care Near Trenton, NJ

At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Hamilton near Trenton, your dog’s wellbeing, safety, and happiness are our top priorities. The next time you need to leave town for vacation or work long hours, let us pamper your beloved pet with world-class treatment. Our team and amenities are second to none. Offering state-of-the-art dog-boarding suites, your pet will receive maximum comfort and relaxation their entire stay.


Give us a call at (609) 546-4233 or contact us online to learn more about dog boarding near you! 


Each luxury suite is spacious, cage-free, and includes: 

  • Comfy Kuranda dog bedding
  • An in-suite television streaming Animal Planet or DogTV
  • Window views
  • Sound-resistant walls that mitigate noise

The Ideal Getaway to Relax & Play

When reserving a luxury suite, your dog will also enjoy all-day group play or four private outdoor play sessions – both supervised by our stellar and highly trained staff. We understand that dogs are very social and love to play, run around, and expend their energy. That is why we treat each dog to a first-class experience at our state-of-the-art outdoor courtyard. After playtime, your dog will be hungry. To satisfy their appetite, we serve gourmet meals consisting of Blue Buffalo, a delicious formula that is easy on sensitive stomachs. By keeping your dog stimulated and well-fed, we will send them home tired and happy.


You can rest assured that our facilities meet the highest standards of cleanliness. Our sanitization methods are thorough and meticulous. From treating our turf and floors with microbial disinfectants to running air purification systems to clean the dander from the air, we make sure our property is as disease and allergy-free as it can be. To top it all off, we bathe every animal that boards with us for two days or longer – sending your pet home fresh and pristine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to dog boarding

  •  Food – Bring enough food for the duration of their stay, plus some extra in case of any unexpected delays or changes in plans. It’s also important to include feeding instructions so the staff at the facility know how much and often to feed them during their visit.
  •  Treats – Don't forget about treats! Your pet loves them just as much as they love dinner time! Make sure you provide enough treats for each mealtime so they can enjoy something special while away from home too!
  • Collar - Ensuring your pet's collar is secured with accurate ID tags is always a necessity. This keeps your pup safe and their caregivers informed. 
  • Toys - Keeping toys around will help keep your pet feeling entertained and comfortable  throughout his/her entire stay (plus it'll give him something familiar and fun to play with!).
  • Blanket & Bedding - Bringing along familiar bedding such as blankets or pillows helps create a sense of comfort which can go far when being separated from family members - especially those who might suffer from separation anxiety issues!
  • Medications & Supplements - If applicable, please remember medications like flea prevention pills, etc., plus supplements like glucosamine tablets (for joint health), etc., all should be included in preparation before dropping off your pet. 

How do I prepare my dog for first time boarding?

Before your dogs actual stay, we recommend that you bring them to visit our facility beforehand. This way they can familiarize themselves with their new environment before they actually have to stay. Introduce them to the staff, take a tour of the facility, or just let them explore and sniff around – whatever makes them feel most comfortable in this new space!
Dogs often find comfort in familiarity, so we recommend bringing along items from home that smell like you or other family members. Whether it’s an old t-shirt or favorite toy, these items can help keep your dog company while they’re staying with us. It also helps if there are no sharp edges on toys that may hurt other guests or staff members in case of a mix-up.


Dial (609) 546-4233 or contact us online to schedule a tour of our overnight boarding facility today! 



Example Day:

  • Wake up
  • Outdoor elimination break
  • Housekeeping (room cleaning and refresh)
  • Room service breakfast
  • Play Time: All-day Group Play or One-on-One Personal Playtime (Includes outdoor elimination breaks)
  • Room service dinner
  • Outdoor elimination break
  • Turn down service, tuck in and lights out

What's a stay like at K9 Resorts?

K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Hamilton

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3710 Quakerbridge Rd. Hamilton, NJ 08619
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Boarding Hours Drop-off and Pick Up Times
Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Daycare Hours
Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

The K9 Resorts Difference

  • Image for The K9 Clean System

    The K9 Clean System

    At K9 Resorts, we ensure our facilities are not only spotless, but fully sanitized, and smell clean, so that your dog stays healthy while in our care.

  • Image for The K9 Experience

    The K9 Experience

    We are proud to lead the way in the luxury pet hospitality industry, and provide world class accommodations and service to our guests so that your dog is happy, comfortable, and relaxed.

  • Image for K9 Resorts University

    K9 Resorts University

    Our customers tell us our staff is the best in the business. Caring staff members are pet lovers to start, then K9 Resorts professionally educates, trains and certifies each one- providing unparalleled customer service, animal expertise and peace-of-mind.

Multiple Dog Discount

K9 Resorts is happy to provide a discount for boarding multiple dogs. Pet owners can enjoy 50% off additional dogs while sharing a room.

Military & First Responders Appreciation Discount

K9 Resorts supports our brave military service members and first responders. We understand that traveling at a moment’s notice can be a part of the job, which is why we offer discounted pet boarding for first responders and military members. Contact us to learn more!

Other Rooms Options

Hear It From Happy Pet Parents

  • "A home away from home!"

    - John Haskins
  • "Rocky loves school"

    - Tammy Eng-PalmeR

    - Angela P.