Doggie Daycare for Small Dogs in Mount Pleasant, SC

Specialized and Luxurious Dog Daycare For Your Small Dog Under 30 Pounds

Leaving your precious small dog in someone else's care can be nerve-wracking. At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Mount Pleasant, we ease those worries with luxurious, attentive service that understands the unique needs of smaller breeds. Enroll your little companion in our specialized doggie daycare for small dogs and feel the peace of mind that comes with expert care.


Our staff, boasting certifications and specialized training, focuses on providing a nurturing environment that's perfect for your pet's size and sensitivity. We don't just watch over your furry friends—we ensure they thrive.


To learn more about our small dog daycare services in Mount Pleasant, call us at (843) 806-0178 or reach out online today!


A Tailored Approach to Each Tail Wag

At our dog daycare, the journey starts with an in-depth assessment, fine-tuned for small dogs. We meticulously evaluate each canine client for their temperament, social behavior, and group interaction to curate an experience that's as enjoyable as it is safe. For small dogs who prefer the quiet life, we offer individual attention and quieter spaces where they can feel secure.


We gradually introduce new dogs to the pack and monitor their integration, allowing them to form natural bonds with other dogs while under the watchful eyes of our trained staff. This social experience not only delights them but also nurtures their psychological well-being, mitigating common issues like separation anxiety and chronic yapping.

Separate Play Groups to Ensure Your Pet’s Safety

Our custom-designed facility boasts play areas that are segmented by size and weight for maximum safety and enjoyment. Dogs tipping the scales over 30 pounds frolic under the watch of our adept staff in large dog daycare, while pets under 30 pounds enjoy the cozy comforts of the small dog playgroup.


Each zone is not only supervised by expert caretakers adhering to stringent health and safety standards but also features playthings and equipment sized just right for its inhabitants.


In every corner of the facility, we uphold an atmosphere that is clean, controlled, and perfectly adapted to all the small dog day care needs—restful breaks, hydration, and a climate that keeps tails wagging happily all day long.

The Benefits of Dog Daycare for Small Dogs

  • Socialization with other dogs of similar size: Small dogs crave companionship, and daycare provides a safe space to socialize with other pups of similar size. This interaction helps them develop vital social skills and canine confidence.
  • Exercise and playtime in a safe and controlled environment: Doggie daycare is a haven for energetic little ones. Safe and supervised playtime with peers keeps them active, provides much-needed exercise, and combats pent-up energy that can lead to destructive behavior at home.
  • Mental stimulation to prevent boredom: Beyond physical exercise, daycare offers mental stimulation through games, puzzles, and interactive toys. This keeps boredom at bay and challenges their clever minds, fostering a sense of accomplishment and overall happiness.
  • Reduced anxiety from separation: Leaving your dog home alone can cause separation anxiety, making them worried or stressed. Daycare gives them a fun day out, so they'll be tired and content when they come home, and you'll have peace of mind knowing they're safe and having a blast.

Your Premier Choice for Small Dog Daycare—K9 Resorts Awaits!

Socialization is vital to your canine companion’s happiness, and our premier services are at the ready to offer the best for your small dog. With specially conceived playgroups, we make sure every activity fits your pet's spirit and physical prowess, ensuring a joyful and inclusive experience.


The prospect of doggie daycare for small dogs shouldn’t stir up anxiety. At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Mount Pleasant, our team, versed in the special care of small dogs, finely tailors each stay—putting your furry friend’s safety, joy, and well-being at the forefront of what we do.


Considering pet care for a quick workday or a full vacation? K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Mount Pleasant is your pet’s luxurious home away from home. Dial (843) 806-0178 to secure a spot that promises safety, fun, and royal treatment for your little loved one!