Luxury Suites in Mount Pleasant

Cage-Free Care for Your Dog

Unless you’ve been to a K9 Resorts with your fur baby before, you’ve likely never experienced anything like it before! At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel of Mount Pleasant, we’re changing the way people approach dog boarding or doggy daycare. Rather than cold, uninviting areas for the pooches with limited outdoor spaces, we have high quality suites that meet any need. And with a large, fenced-in outdoor courtyard for socializing and playing, your pup will have all the (safe) fun they can squeeze into their time with our certified staff.

Our top-of-the-line luxury dog suites feature nothing but the finest, with:

  • 8’ x 8’ of open, comfortable space with glass privacy doors
  • Sound-resistant atmosphere to reduce anxiety
  • Premium Kuranda cot-style orthopedic bedding
  • Décor to make the environment feel cozy and home-like
  • In-suite television just for them with Animal Planet or DogTV playing
  • Blue Buffalo meals for our furry guests to enjoy

You can choose to let your puppy pal join in all-day group play or have four dedicated individual playtimes with our staff, depending on what’s best for your dog’s needs.

We regularly disinfect all areas of our daycare and boarding center, along with the top-of-the-line artificial turf used outside.

Can I Bring Multiple Dogs for Multiple Days?

Yes! Every additional dog from your household is 50% off when they share a room. Not only will that bring your pups more comfort, but it will save you money.

Whenever our guests stay for more than two days, a dog bath is a requirement for coming home squeaky clean.Along with a nice sudsy bath, you can add services such as:

  • Extra Outdoor Walks
  • Frosty Paws Dog Ice Cream
  • Gourmet Treats
  • Evian Spring Water
  • Extra Personal Playtime
  • Medication Administration

To learn more about our luxury suites in Mount Pleasant or to schedule your pup’s stay, give us a call at (843) 806-0178 today!