Daycare for Large Dogs in Rogers, AR

Premium Doggie Daycare Service for Big Dogs Over 30 Pounds


At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel, we're devoted to providing top-notch care for your large dog, who weighs over 30 pounds, ensuring they receive the exceptional treatment they deserve. Our services are crafted with larger breeds in mind, offering them the space and freedom required for their happiness and health. Our team of experts specializes in large breed care, delivering a doggie daycare experience that is second to none in quality.


Our facility serves as a sanctuary for your big furry friend, featuring large areas for play and relaxation. We've carefully created a clean and safe setting with dedicated areas for active play and peaceful rest, ensuring your pet's well-being and security.


Explore our exceptional large dog daycare services in Rogers by getting in touch with us at (479) 715-0450 or via our website!

Custom-Designed Play Areas for Large Dogs

Recognizing the unique play requirements of big dogs versus smaller ones, K9 Resorts takes pride in offering a dog daycare solution that fully immerses your pet in joy and impeccable care. We create a lively setting conducive to engaging playtime, thereby nurturing their natural instincts in a safe, supervised environment.


Above all, safety is our priority. Our play areas are strategically separated according to size (above 30 pounds and below 30 pounds) to provide a secure playground that minimizes potential injuries. Our seasoned staff are experts in the nuances of different breeds, guaranteeing a personalized daycare experience that respects your dog’s unique personality.


And for our smaller four-legged clients, K9 Resorts also features a dedicated daycare service for small dogs, ensuring a warm and safe space for those weighing less than 30 pounds.

Advantages of Choosing Our Daycare for Big Dogs


Opting for K9 Resorts for your large dog's daycare needs brings several key benefits specifically tailored for their larger size and nature. Key advantages of our luxury large dog daycare services include:

  • Superior Socialization: Our daycare setting encourages essential social interactions, helping in their behavioral development with constant supervision.
  • Essential Physical Activity: Our facility is equipped with play equipment and spaces designed for large breeds, ensuring that your pet stays active, healthy, and engaged.
  • Mental Stimulation: The variety of activities on offer prevents boredom and counters negative behaviors at home, ensuring a happier, more relaxed pet each day.
  • Professional Care: Our team excels in managing dogs of all sizes, providing attentive, compassionate supervision throughout your pet's stay with us.

Discover the K9 Resorts Advantage

K9 Resorts is synonymous with unparalleled pet care, dedicating our efforts to the joy and security of your large dog. Our commitment to delivering expert, affectionate care is what sets us apart. 


Choose K9 Resorts for an unmatched daycare experience in Rogers for your esteemed large dog. Our service promises a level of indulgence for your large canine that remains unrivaled. Trust us to offer daycare for big dogs that goes above and beyond.


Reach out to us at (479) 715-0450 today to book your big dog's place in our top-notch dog daycare facility.