Doggie Daycare for Small Dogs in Plano, TX

Luxurious Dog Daycare For Your Small Dog Under 30 Pounds

Leaving your beloved small dog in someone else's hands can be nerve-wracking. At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Plano, we alleviate those concerns with luxurious, attentive service that caters to the unique needs of smaller breeds. Enroll your tiny companion in our specialized doggie daycare for small dogs and experience the peace of mind that comes from expert care.


Our staff, equipped with certifications and specialized training, focuses on fostering a nurturing environment suitable for your pet's size and sensitivity. Safety is at the heart of all we do, recognizing that small dogs may find it challenging to adapt to larger group settings. We don't just look after your furry friends—we ensure they flourish.


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Our Unmatched Evaluation Process

We acknowledge that small dogs (under 30 lbs.) necessitate extra care and attention due to their size and delicate nature. Thus, our initial step involves evaluating each dog to ascertain their suitability for group activities. We assess temperament, behavior, and how well they get along with other dogs. This thorough evaluation helps us determine if your dog will be comfortable in our small dog playgroup.


We encourage owners to leave their dogs for a full day to help them get used to the environment. We gradually introduce new dogs to our existing group to ensure a smooth and safe transition. Given how social dogs are, spending the day with fellow canines provides an excellent outlet for their energy and offers valuable mental stimulation. It can also mitigate issues such as separation anxiety and excessive barking.

Playgroups Separated by Size & Weight for Ultimate Safety

Our daycare has been designed to cater to dogs of varying sizes and temperaments with two main playgroups. The large dog playgroup is for dogs 30 pounds and above, managed by dedicated personnel and stringent supervision standards to ensure everyone's safety. Conversely, our small dog playgroup is specifically for dogs 30 pounds and under.


Regardless of the group, our staff ensures professional supervision and protection so that every small dog and puppy remains safe and comfortable. Our facilities are sanitized and maintained according to our high brand standards. We also tailor the play equipment size to the dogs in each group. The large playgroup enjoys taller toys, while the small group has access to play pieces closer to the ground.


Our certified staff treats every dog like a VIP. We offer frequent potty breaks and unlimited access to water. Additionally, our facility features ample rest areas and climate control to ensure your dog's comfort throughout their stay.

Looking for a Trustworthy Small Dog Daycare? Choose K9 Resorts Today!

We understand the critical role that socialization plays in a dog's happiness and well-being. Our small dog daycare offers numerous opportunities for small dogs to play in a secure environment. Our playgroups are designed to keep your furry friend mentally and physically active, with activities tailored to match their energy levels and abilities.


Sending your small dog to daycare doesn’t have to be stressful. At K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Plano, our certified staff is committed to ensuring the happiness and safety of your best friend. We are well-versed in the unique needs of small dogs and personalize our services accordingly. By providing individualized care, safe playgroups, and plenty of exercises, we guarantee your small dog will have an enjoyable stay.


Looking for pet care during a busy workday? K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel Plano offers a safe and fun environment for your pet. Call (469) 702-8925 to book a spot where your furry friend will enjoy safety, fun, and the royal treatment!