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Dog Boarding – Give Your Dog a Luxurious Lifestyle

Dog boarding is sometimes associated with grim and depressing kennels where poor pooches curl up in cages all day, only let out a few times to relieve themselves. The pet care service industry as come a long way since the days of dog kennels. A new breed of luxury dog boarding services is offering pet owners an expanded range of opportunities to offer their dogs the best comforts away from home.

High Level of Services offered At Luxury Dog Boarding

Luxury dog boarding is not necessarily more expensive than kennel boarding, although you do get what you pay for. With luxury dog boarding, the main focus is on providing all the comforts of home for your pet to maximize joy and minimize anxiety. Just as you want your own hotels to feel clean, comfortable, and safe, your dog enjoys the same level of service. You can expect a high level of service from a luxury dog boarding facility like K9 Resorts.

Your dog also deserves to live in the manner he or she has become accustomed to in your home. For this reason, the staff at K9 Resorts offer pampering and playtime. Your dog will be on vacation, too. Good food is another critical component of a home away from home. At a standard kennel, you do not have much control over the quality of food or the timing of feedings. Luxury dog boarding takes into account the different nutritional needs of their guests. When you are away for work or pleasure, you want to continue eating a healthy diet. So why wouldn’t you want the same for your dog?

Finally, luxury dog boarding does go that extra mile. There are different room options, in the same way a hotel has different room options for people. The cheapest rooms are basic but clean and cozy. You can opt for more luxurious suites for more pampered pooches. Better yet, luxury dog boarding allows you to board two or more pets from the same household together. Give luxury dog boarding a try today.