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What Services Do Luxury Pet Hotels Offer?

Dog boarding is similar to human hotels in that there are a wide range of options for different budgets and different levels of luxury. The growing demand for luxury dog boarding in Fanwood shows that pet owners are raising their standards. Luxury pet hotels and luxury dog boarding services in Fanwood provide roomier spaces and cage-free environments for one or more family pets.

Luxury Pet Hotels Services

The services offered by luxury pet hotels in Fanwood vary. Places like K9 Resorts specialize in luxury pet hotel services, which is why they offer a higher caliber of service and higher quality staff than other dog boarding establishments in the area. Luxury pet hotels provide ample time for play, during which the dog can interact with both humans and other dogs. The outdoor play spaces at luxury dog hotels in Fanwood are well-equipped with toys and hygienic turf that is kept clean and regularly disinfected.

Luxury pet hotels in Fanwood have suitable meal programs for dogs of all sizes. Staff will ensure that dogs have regular baths when they stay for longer periods of time. Owners can even opt for additional grooming services at the luxury pet hotel for dogs who need it. As with human hotels, luxury pet hotels offer different room categories, from traditional smaller cage-style boarding for smaller dogs up to executive suites and luxury rooms for larger dogs or families with more than one pet wanting to board together. Owners can also save money by boarding more than one pet in the same room.

Larger suites and luxury rooms at the luxury pet hotels in Fanwood have additional features like privacy doors and luxurious bedding to keep dogs comfortable, as well as climate control, views of the outdoors, and other features that maximize the dogs’ comfort level. Ultimately, a luxury pet hotel in Fanwood should feel like a home away from home for every dog.