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10 Fall Activities for Your Dog

The hot, sunny days of summer are gone, and the crisp, cool fall days have arrived. Even though we trade in swimsuits for sweatshirts, your dogs look to trade in summer fun for autumn fun. Fall is a fantastic season for dogs, filled with colorful foliage, cooler temperatures, and various seasonal activities. Here are some of the best fall activities your dog will love and tips on how to maintain their active lifestyle as the weather changes.

1. Leaf Pile Fun

As kids, you may have enjoyed jumping in the pile of leaves in your yard. Your dogs love the sensory delight of fresh, crunchy leaves. Freshly raked piles of leaves can be the perfect activity for your dog to jump in and play in. Be careful that they don’t eat leaves, as too many can cause gastrointestinal issues for your pups.

2. Fall Hiking

With the heat of summer gone, fall is the perfect time to take your dog hiking. The cooler weather is more comfortable for you and your pet, and the changing foliage creates a beautiful backdrop for your adventure. Remember to keep your dog leashed and respect other hikers on trails, as you’ll probably run into other dogs on your adventures.

3. Pumpkin Picking

Many pumpkin patches allow well-behaved, leashed dogs. Your furry friend will love exploring the patch, and you can pick out the perfect pumpkin for your fall decor, especially if you carve your pumpkin to look just like your pup. Plus, pumpkins can be a healthy addition to your dog's diet — just make sure to avoid the stem and seeds.

4. Apple Orchard Visits

Like pumpkin patches, some apple orchards welcome dogs. Check the rules of your local orchard and spend a morning picking apples with your pup. Apples can make a tasty, healthy treat for dogs, but remember to remove the seeds and core.

5. Outdoor Festivals

Many towns host outdoor fall festivals that can be dog-friendly. These events can offer new experiences and socialization opportunities for your pet, especially if they are comfortable meeting new people and being in large crowds.

6. Backyard Games

Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean outside play is off-limits. Throw on a jacket and get your dog outside for games of fetch, tug-of-war, hide-and-seek, or whatever their favorite game is. Dog parks are normally open year-round, so take your dog to the park to run around and enjoy the benefits of socialization with their pup peers.

7. Long Walks

With the temperatures dropping, it's an excellent time for longer, more leisurely walks. Exploring new neighborhoods or trails adds variety and extra excitement for your dog. Bring water and treats for your dog so they can stay healthy and happy on your long walks.

8. Halloween Costumes

Does your dog like dressing up? Many communities host pet-friendly Halloween events, including costume parades and contests. Grab an adorable costume and have the time of your life seeing which characters your dogs can be for Halloween. Or consider throwing your own Halloween Party for your and your dog’s friends. Make sure your dog is comfortable in whatever they wear and that the costume is safe and non-restrictive.

9. Make Doggie S’mores

Did you know your dog can enjoy one of the all-time fall treats? There are plenty of dog-safe s’mores recipes that allow your dog to enjoy this classic treat. Make sure you pick dog-safe ingredients and supervise your dog around open flames.

There are plenty of other fall treats that you can make that your dog will enjoy and are beneficial for your dog’s health! Cranberries, turkey, carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes all have nutrients that your dog will love. It’s a perfect way for your dog to join in the fall and Thanksgiving fun.

10. Camping

Along with making s’mores, if your dog loves the outdoors, getting a cabin for the weekend with friends and family is the perfect way to combine many of these activities for your dog. You can even take your dog out on the lake in a canoe if they are safe and can swim.

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle in Fall

As the days get shorter and colder, it might be tempting to cut back on your dog's activities. However, it's essential to maintain their exercise routine to keep them healthy and happy.

  • Adjust walk times if necessary. If it's too dark or cold early in the morning or late at night, try shifting walk times to daylight hours.
  • Keep your dog warm. Some dogs, particularly small breeds, short-haired breeds, and older dogs, might need a doggie sweater or jacket when out for walks on chilly days.
  • Watch out for seasonal dangers. Fall can bring certain hazards like toxic plants, mushrooms, and antifreeze spills. Be vigilant during walks and outings.

Fall Fun at K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel

Fall is the perfect time for your dog to join in the festivities of the season. When you’re at work or taking time away, your dog can enjoy the fun activities during the fall at K9 Resorts Luxury Pet Hotel. Our award-winning luxury boarding and daycare ensures that your dog gets the needed activity, comfort, and socialization when you’re away. Find a location near you to schedule a tour today!