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How to Screen Dog Spas: Tips for Owners

All dogs need spa services now and again to look and feel their best. Think of dog spas in the same way you think of people spas. You obviously provide your dog with regular shampoos, but when it comes to additional pampering, you want a dog spa. If you have never used the services at New Jersey dog spas, there are a few things you should look for before choosing the right one.

First, the staff needs to exhibit two main features: caring and skill. A skilled down groomer who only appreciates certain breeds is not going to be as good at providing pampering services as a dog spa technician who loves all dogs unconditionally. Also, even the most loving dog care provider needs skills and training. It is a lot of work providing skilled dog spa services.

Second, dog spas should be clean, obviously. When you screen or visit dog spas in New Jersey, pay attention to how often they sweep the floors, and how they clean their grooming tools, bathing areas, and towels. You expect cleanliness from your own spas; you should apply the same standards to dog spas. Use reputable New Jersey companies like K9 Resorts as dog spa quality benchmarks.

When you see an immaculate, well-run facility, you will understand why most New Jersey residents prefer some dog spas over others. At a place like K9, you know the staff will go the extra mile. Dog spas like K9 Resorts are also run with safety in mind first, meaning that staff will be trained in first aid and overall dog care and will also make sure that your dog—and all other canine guests—are checked for having had their shots. Pick the best dog spas in New Jersey based on their ability to meet a few important criteria.