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What to Look for When Choosing a Hotel for Dogs?

If you’re going on a trip and have no one around to care for your pooch, choosing a hotel for dogs is one option. Here’s a handy checklist of things you should look for:


Pay a visit to the hotel. Take a look around. Is it dirty? It shouldn’t just look clean, it has to smell clean too. If there are unpleasant smells, that might not be a good sign. Walk away and opt for another hotel.


Is ventilation good or not? You wouldn’t want to endanger your beloved pet by putting him in a hotel where there’s lousy ventilation and light. So look for both on your visit.


Ask about the temperature control settings. Is it too warm or too cold? It should be just right so your dog won’t come down with a cold or illness.


Consider the quality of the staff. Do they appear compassionate or rude? Do they have the right training and knowledge to properly take care of your pet? This might seem to require little to no skill but there have been instances when pets suffered from injuries when they were handled by staff with zero training. Without proper knowledge, your pooch could end up getting hurt or worse.

Outdoor areas

Dogs need room to run. So make sure the facility has an outdoor area. Check out the outdoor areas and observe if they are safe, clean and secure.


If the hotel takes in different animals, will the cats be housed in the same area as your dog or not? Putting them together in one area and exposing them to each other might not be good for your pet. You should avoid facilities that house dogs and cats together.


How much will it all cost? Don’t forget, “you get what you pay for!” Cost should be a factor but it should be at the bottom of your list, especially if quality pet care is your number one priority. Bottom line, shop around and tour different facilities. Look for a nice, clean facility that is well maintained and has staff that are BOTH loving AND trained! That should help you take your pick of a good hotel for dogs.

So factor in these things before you choose the right dog boarding facility for your beloved pooch. Know more about our services, team and rates. Contact us at K9 Resorts Day Care & Luxury Hotel for questions or quotes.