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Redefining Luxury: K9 Pet Resorts Dog Boarding

When some people hear us describe our kennel as luxury pet boarding, they are skeptical. How can a business that deals with dogs be luxurious? However, once they come tour our kennels and see what kinds of services we offer our canine guests, they are no longer skeptical. That is because we really do offer dog care that is a cut-above what you find in the average boarding facility. In fact, our kennel-based dog care is so exemplary, that even people who are initially reluctant boarding clients become enthusiastic repeat-clients.

What do we do to take our clients beyond the basic boarding experience? Well, the answer depends on your dog, as it should. So many boarding facilities take a one-size-fits-all approach to dog boarding, however, as any dog lover already knows, dogs all have their own unique personalities. We take the time to get to know you and your dog. What are your dogs like and dislikes? Does your dog thrive in a social environment and need the stimulation and companionship of our group-play? Or, is your dog on the timid side and would benefit from more one-on-one play with a human? Some dogs love the structure of a walk for exercise, while others love to be able to run and play off-lead for their exercise opportunities. Whatever your dog’s needs, we structure their stay to meet their needs, and that goes from tailored exercise opportunities to adhering to any dietary restrictions or other special needs your pet may have.

Another way we go beyond the average boarding experience is our commitment to cleanliness. One of the most off-putting things about boarding a pet is walking into a boarding facility and being overwhelmed by odors. We build and outfit our facilities with materials that are antimicrobial and easy-to-clean, whenever those are options, making cleaning up easier for our caregivers. We know that accidents happen, but we tend to messes promptly, which not only reduces disease but also just helps maintain a cleaner facility. We also bathe all dogs before sending them home.

Want to learn more about what we mean by luxury dog boarding? Contact your local K9 Resorts today and schedule a tour of our facility.