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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Pet Care Facility

Looking for high quality pet care in New Jersey? Finding the right pet care solution for you and your pet can be a challenge. You want a service that is convenient, affordable, and reliable for you. You also want a service that is not stressful for your pet, keeps them safe and comfortable, and hopefully allows them to have a good time. No wonder it can be difficult for pet owners to decide between boarding their pets or hiring a pet sitting service.

There are pros and cons to both, but the 24-hour supervision at boarding facilities is often the biggest comfort to pet parents. It doesn’t hurt that many of today’s boarding facilities, like K9 Pet Resorts, are nothing like old-school boarding facilities, but are instead luxury resorts where pets can experience their own vacations while you are away. Still, whether a pet resort is right for your dog depends on your dog.

Here are some things to consider while making your pet care decision:

Answering those questions should help point you to a choice between pet sitter and boarding facility. If a boarding facility seems like the right choice for you, we invite you to come visit one of our resorts and see why we think it’s a pet paradise!

  1. Are your pets healthy enough for boarding? Put a number of animals together and vulnerable pets can be at risk of disease, even with mandatory vaccinations. On the other hand, pets with serious health issues may not be healthy enough for pet sitting and may need to be boarded with a veterinarian. If you aren’t sure whether your pets are healthy enough for your pet care choices, talk to your veterinarian.
  2. Does your pet like other pets? Boarding in a resort facility is great for pets that like to interact with other pets, but might be stressful for dogs that are high-anxiety or have any aggression issues. If you don’t know how your pet will respond to boarding, you might want to try an overnight before your trip.
  3. Is your pet destructive? Separation anxiety is a major cause of destructive behavior in pets, so you might want to eliminate the pet sitting option if your pet is already destructive.
  4. Can your pet sitter or boarding facility meet your pets exercise, medical, or other needs? Choosing between a pet sitter and a boarding facility such as K9 Pet Resorts will depend on the specific needs and preferences of your pet. For those looking for 24-hour supervision and a luxury resort experience, a boarding facility might be the ideal choice. However, it's essential to consider your pet's health, behavior, and compatibility with other pets. If your pet has special exercise, medical, or other unique needs, it would be advisable to discuss these with the potential pet sitter or your local dog boarding hotel to ensure they can accommodate them.